How to use our Shipping Quote Calculator
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You select your suburb and postal code from the dropdown.

1. For a quick quote, fill in the correct:

Sender's Suburb and receiver's Country.

2. Enter your Parcel information:

If you want to send a documet check the box on the screen for that. 3. Select your preferred service options. Two options are provided:

Priority Parcel Express, This is for sending parcels.

Priority Document Express, This is for sending loose documents only. (This option will only be available if the checkbox was selected on the previous screen)

4. Commercial Invoice:

This is for customs clearence, the items added here are the values and quantities of the items in your package.

Optionally your own Commercial Invoice can be added to the shipment.

5. To proceed, fill in the correct:

Collection and delivery address, sender's and receiver's contact details and insurance (insurance however is optional) and you also have an option to include another parcel.

Pay image


1. Would you like to add another shipment destination:

Now that you've completed the process, 'Click' again for each different shipment when the collection and destination is different.

2. Before payment can proceed, agree to:

Weight Discrepancy Disclaimer, Packaging Disclaimer, Terms and Conditions and Prohibited items.

3. Select your preferred payment method:

Mastercard/Visa or EFT.

4. Fill your payment details and select pay.

5. Remember to print your waybill. Collection can not be completed without a printed waybill and Commercial Invoice.

You're done, all you have to do is print your waybill and Commercial Invoice.



You clicked, now we will deliver:

An Aramex driver will arrive at your doorstep in an official uniform and branded vehicle to complete the collection.

Collection takes place between 12h00 and 17h00.

Then your shipment(s) is now in our hands.

Please ensure that you are at the given address in this collection time window.

You will receive a confirmation e-mail and sms notifications.

Track your parcel online with your waybill number or follow the link provided on the confirmation notifications.